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More than 66309 investors worldwide have chosen Laser Online as their main investment solution and double their money bimonthly



Hello to all the Laser Online Platform active users, marketing professionals and future partners! With latest Bitcoin price was able to jump well over $3,300 USD it should come as no surprise for us that things claimed to be impossible in the past, nowadays seems to be perfectly normal. And with all the wonders of Crypto-World even 70% R.O.I monthly can be very much real...But let’s talk about Laser Online Platform here, because frankly, we have a lot to share...

Just since 43 days of Laser Online Platform being online, we hit our first "over million and a half" mark easily with truly impressive $1,590,382 deposited from close to 5,000 users worldwide and over $330,000 "Swiss clock" paid out revenue! So much more to accomplish and we are absolutely sure that soon enough those numbers will be our daily boring routine.

It’s not a surprise for our users that we do many updates & improvements at the platform daily. All aimed at one simple idea - to build the best money making the machine on this planet. A stable, reliable platform which helps you to generate serious returns and create passive capital anywhere in the world in order to accomplish yours and only yours true goals...
And we do believe we are getting to that point very quickly.

After extensive core technical updates, we've managed to integrate many useful key features from the 12 Months Plan (Described here https://laser.online/news/1) This update can be considered as a major one. Sorry if you've experienced any difficulties accessing our website recently. So let's get straight to the list of our recent accomplishments...


Now accepted for your new deposits at Laser Online

With constantly increasing cryptocurrency market capitalization many new alt coins are getting stronger. From now on Laser Online Platform is ready to accept your deposits via private Monero/Dash & technologically advanced Ethereum/Litecoin cryptocurrencies.

Find out more at about good Bitcoin alternatives at:



With many requests to integrate more convenient investment features, we’ve added 2 amazing tools for you. Auto-Reinvest and automatic Payout Schedule. This couple will make your earning experience with Laser Online seamless and can drastically improve our platform’s stability itself.


This feature allows you to automatically reinvest all the available balance back to 12% daily for 12 business days plan. This
Be aware that, once you set your Auto-Reinvest you can edit it only once a week. You will not be able to withdraw your available balance. It will all be automatically reinvested back to the new deposit.
You can cancel Auto-Reinvest only once a week.


Payment Schedule is a convenient instrument available for all L.O.P users. It provides an extra feature of setting up a particular day of the week, on which all the available balance of your personal account will be automatically sent at your e-wallets without a need to send a payout request manually or login your account. You can set up your automatic payouts up to 4 times a week (based on your profile status) and enjoy automatic hassle-free payouts straight at your wallet!
Your revenue (active balance) will be automatically transferred to your e-wallets at the selected day of the week without any need to make a manual withdrawal request or login your account.

Important to know:
- Once you set your schedule you cannot cancel it before countdown timer ends!
- You can change your Schedule set only once a week.
- All e-wallets should be already set at your profile settings.

If any of your e-wallets will not be set you will not automatically receive an available balance of this payment processor.

Please be aware that you will not be able to withdraw your available balance manually. Your available balance will be automatically sent to your e-wallets with no need to create a manual request. Note that once you set your schedule you cannot cancel it before countdown timer ends!



Let’s bring even more clarity and trust to our community!
As it was promised earlier at https://laser.online/news/4 news article, Transactions Section is now available for all visitors at https://laser.online/statistics

See all the detailed statistics (deposits, withdrawals) and motivational leaderboards with real income of all trusted leaders displayed for you.



And last but not least, meet Radio Laser Online! From this day Russel Tech, our chief executive of human interaction will be able to entertain you with positive tracks, useful explanations, effective advice... Every single day online for you! Log in your account, turn ON your Laser Radio and let Russel lift up your mood!


We also provided you with many improvements throughout the platform. Here are just some of them:


- Homepage Footer section redesigned and completely reimagined. Many key informational points being added, a dynamic statistic of recently made blockchain deposits with a board of biggest shareholders at the platform displayed. Check it out at Laser Online's homepage https://laser.online
- Investment Page new section added and more information provided. Read more about Laser Online long term strategy and Crypto-Capital 12/12 plan security solution. Discover more at https://laser.online/investment_plans
- New Get Started videos added for easy start and first steps of all your partners. https://laser.online/start


- New extensive security protocols applied when you log in your account.
- Live Deposits (Blockchain confirmed only) statistic is now displayed on your desktop.
- Handy post-withdrawal notification section added.
- Available Balance section added, now you can see how much your active deposit is at the moment.
- Timers and notifications improved


And now it’s time for our promised surprise!


How to achieve a global expansion with a staggering pace of growth? How to become a number 1 choice of all the marketing professionals worldwide in order to create the strongest network of affiliates?
Simple enough... Provide your clients with top quality long-term service and don’t forget to integrate best of its kind reward system which based completely on their own performance in a first place with absolutely no limits to career opportunities they can get...

Meet RC (Reward-Check) System at Laser Online! Soon to be presented publicly this powerful tool can bring millions of dollars to all most active leaders around the globe! But let's take a quick glimpse, shall we?...

At this picture, you can see L.O.P.’s automatically updated Rewards List divided into 3 major categories based on the specific requirements list in each. This section will let you monitor all possible Reward Checks (RC) at the moment with detailed obtaining terms respectively. An authorized user can see his Profile Completion status (% completed based on his current team data).

Once a particular user reaches a certain level of team deposits, he/she will instantly receive a reward (via Bitcoin) from an address listed in each every sub-category.

Note that there is a limited amount of Reward-Checks tokens for each category. Once an individual gets his RC, he will take away one token so it will no longer be available for other users to compete for. Only when there are no more tokens left to take, all the categories RC tokens will be renewed and Bitcoin addresses refilled with new budgets.

When it comes to success we all can agree - it's all about timing. This marvelous money aggregator system is about to arrive, so hurry up before strongest leaders took their spot! Start building your mighty team and generate massive capitals so next time you log in your Bitcoin wallet you'll see one of those RC Checks smoothly landed, waiting for your decision of how to spend it!
Leader more about Laser Online Affiliate Program here:

Get more Sign Ups by becoming an official L.O.P representative today!
Learn more at https://laser.online/representatives

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