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Laser.Online is gearing up, Results are Impressive!

Hello, to all the Laser fans around the globe!

We are gearing up! You heard that right! with constant updates, impressive feedback and our developer’s countless hours being spend wisely on some amazing tech advancement at Laser.online. We are glad to be able to connect with such a supportive and mature audience that helps us daily to make this platform a better place than ever. We are constantly working with all of your requests and publishing a weekly newsletter block every week - #Laser_Statistic! so it is here as always. We are absolutely sure that our platform statistic report will become massive in numbers in coming time and as it is timely proven if you simply compare our first week statistics to this latest ones, and results are truly staggering! however till now we have a little less than a million dollars in deposits, to be specific numerically $855,628.84 dollars deposited and over 3149 platform users within just 4 weeks! less than a month in fact and It is very important for all the participants to see and share the native results of our community. Current total worth of Bitcoin Secure Fund is up to $129,210.21. Learn more about BSF at FAQ https://laser.online/faq

Speaking about the Bitcoin buzz, remember the heated Hard Fork debates that took place two months ago? They're going on again and the countdown to the Soft fork has been launched and with concern towards same, we received many requests from users about the clarification on this matter. So, let’s get straight to it without further ado,

Q: Is there any danger or any hurdles for LO platform users while Bitcoin network upgrades?
A: Not really, unlike the most Bitcoin based or affiliated platforms, we’re not going to suspend any Bitcoin deposit and withdrawals. You are however, free to choose whether you want to request a withdrawal or keep it into your LaserOnline desktop available funds (tips: reinvestment is a great option) in this meantime.

We can strongly assure and confirm that our users are absolutely safe in this network incremental (Fork or not - vice versa) process and our Platform wouldn't take any actions before assuring our total consistency. Our platform transactions will furnish smoothly and, regardless of anything will not affect any of our users or their accounts in any other way. Please be rest assured as you are dealing with one of world’s best in class and top inline management team, i.e. Laser.Online Platform!

It’s time for YOU to live the life you dream. Stay laser-focused on your financial success with Laser Online Always!

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